Author: Kelsee Braun

Deal with Your Anger
Self Improvement

How to Deal with Your Anger

There is no perfection in this world and life is never going to be perfect. Even when the sun shines and the birds are singing, there will be times when you have to deal with stress and anxiety. You become a person that just feels like exploding and sometimes you get so mad that you […]

Overcome Laziness
Self Improvement

Ten Easy Steps to Overcome Laziness

It’s essential to take time off from your busy routine. But if you take so much time away that you can’t achieve anything, you may be succumbing to laziness. Perhaps you fear failure, you lack motivation, or your list of tasks is just too long. Whatever the reason, you can overcome your laziness. With some […]

Travelling to Get Rid of Stress
Self Improvement

Travelling to Get Rid of Stress

Traveling can take you to a place where you can learn to have excitement and joy. When you plan your trip, you will pack your bags and you will find excitement and happiness along your journey. Traveling can help to reduce stress and when you get to explore new places, it can help you to […]

Good Role Model for Your Kids

Being a Good Role Model for Your Kids

The children that you have, and your teenagers are always looking to you as a role model. They watch everything that you do and how you act and respond to different situations. They pay attention to your feelings and they take the information that you give them. Learning to be a positive role model to […]