Law of Attraction

How to Use the Law of Attraction in Your Life

A lot has been said about the Law of Attraction ever since the book with the movie “The Secret” came out but many either misunderstand it or think it’s just a bunch of hooey. The Law of Attraction does work if you understand why it works and change some habits to make it work for you.

The Law of Attraction, in simple terms, is that you make happen whatever you focus on. While many attribute the philosophy to Buddha, the concept is found in the Bible in both the Old Testament as taught by King Solomon, and in the New Testament taught by Jesus.

“As a man thinks in his heart, so is he,” states Proverbs 23:7. That means that whatever someone becomes starts with how they view themselves in their hearts. Those who see themselves as being rich one day will pursue things that will make them rich. Those who see themselves as losers won’t put a lot of effort into achieving otherwise and end up being exactly that.

Jesus said that sin begins in the heart rather than in action when he said that “a man who lusts in his heart sins already.” Proverbs 18:21 states, “the power of life and death is in the tongue. Speak life.”

So, clearly, what we believe in our hearts and say with our mouths has some significant impact on our lives.

What Does the Law of Attraction Do?

The basic premise of the Law of Attraction is that elements attract like elements. In other words, happy people attract other happy people. Miserable people attract others just like them, like the saying goes “misery loves company.”

Psychologically, this makes sense. Those who are optimistic and happy are going to be drawn to others with the same personality while doom and gloomers are going to find each other. You see it all the time on social media sites. Those who see things the same way tend to congregate in the same places.

This is how we manifest our reality, even if we do it unknowingly.

Another principle of this natural law is that you can’t have a vacuum of space in your life. Something will seek to fill it. It will either be positive or negative. Once you clear out the negative, you must immediately fill it with positive or the negative will return.

Jesus talks about this when he tells the story of a demon who is cast out of a man but nothing else changes. The demon comes back to repossess the man and the second time he brought friends.

Making the most of what you have right now is another principle of the Law of Attraction. You may not be able to change the present but you can make the best of it. That shifts your view so you can attract what you desire.

Wishful Thinking

Many people think the Law of Attraction is wishful thinking, or manifesting something like a genie in a bottle. It is not. It’s the basis for aligning your goals to achieve your dreams.

For instance, you may want to start a business. Focusing on that dream will lead you to research, data, connections, and information that helps you do that. You’ll start to notice things like a flyer for grant money that you wouldn’t have noticed before. You may tell a friend about your research and he has an uncle in that field he can introduce you to.

This is the Law of Attraction at work. You still have to put in the work but now you are open to how things for your goals will fall into place instead of trying to force them a certain way.

They may not even happen the way you think. Some call this “God working in a back room.” It means God is doing something out of sight while you are focused on all that is visible. An example would be something like the story of a young woman who longed to be married. She did all the typical dating things from online dating to blind dates set up by friends.

Frustrated, she gives up. Her boss then tells her she must transfer to another state. She is disheartened by this because she loves where she lives and the new state isn’t as favorable. She feels everything in her life is wrong and getting worse.

She moves and meets her neighbor upon moving in. He’s a good-looking, single professional. They end up getting married. She got what she wanted but not the way she expected.

You should view every event in your life as something that helps you move toward your heart’s desire. If the young woman said no to the move, nothing would have changed for her.

Getting Started in the Law of Attraction

There are several steps to make the most of the Law of Attraction. They are:

  • Visualization
  • Gratitude
  • Speaking it
  • Looking for coincidences
  • Live in abundance

Visualization is identifying the things you want out of life. You mentally see yourself as you achieve your dreams and emotionally feel what it is like. Creating a vision board helps identify goals and desires you are drawn to if you have trouble putting them together in your head.

It also helps to look at a vision board regularly to keep you on track with achieving your dreams. Most people who create a vision board for the year say most of those items were completed within that year.


Keeping a gratitude journal helps keep your mind in a positive frame. Being grateful attracts more abundance because like attracts like.

Speak It

The Bible states that God spoke things into existence. Jesus spoke healing to people. Speaking your desires out loud does help bring them to pass. It sort of sets up a contract between you and the universe. It may feel silly but it’s a good way to get started. You just have to say what you want.


These are moments where it seems impossible that things flow together as they do. Those in Christian circles call these “divine appointments.” Others call them synchronicities. They are simply meant to be. They could be signs that tell you that you’re headed in the right direction but most of these types of things come as opportunities.

An example would be that you’re a baker wanting to start your own business. You run into the dry cleaners and someone else’s dress is mixed in with yours. It has another name on it with an address. You take it to the owner. After all, it’s no trouble.

The owner of the dress tells you she is appreciative because the dress is for an upcoming party that has her stressed. She is supposed to have 200 fancy gourmet cupcakes at the event and can’t find anyone who can make them.

This is a synchronicity or a divine appointment. You will have a lot of them once you go down the path of the Law of Attraction. These are things you would have missed before because of your mindset. You might have just returned the dress to the dry cleaner or stuff it in a corner for a week until you decided to deal with it.

Live in Abundance

Living in abundance is more of a mindset than a reality but it can go a long way to creating your reality. This is where you focus on the good things you already have rather than what you don’t have. Remember, what you focus on brings more of that stuff to you. So, focusing on the lack or what you don’t have will give you more of the same. Focusing on what you do have will bring more of that to you.

How Does the Law of Attraction Work for Specific Goals?

The Law of Attraction can be used to improve any aspect of your life from romance to wealth. Those who want to find love should figure out what they are doing to resist it. Look for a barrier in your inner world that keeps you from love and tear it down so you’ll be more open.

Then, start identifying what you want but praying for what you need. Since you’re open, you won’t miss it this time.

Career goals are more concrete. Write them down and visualize them. Then, ask the universe for opportunities. Start looking for those opportunities either in your current job or elsewhere.

Finances are one aspect many people struggle with because they don’t have a healthy relationship with money. There are many blocks surrounding money such as living in lack, failing to give, being afraid of changing with wealth, and an inability to manage it.

Identify your areas of struggle and start working on each one. Live grateful for what you have and give when the situation arises. It may be something small if you don’t have much. Imagine how you would use wealth for the good of others. Take some free classes or read some books about money management.

All of this is training you for the day when you have money. It’s like you are telling the universe that you know you will be wealthy so you are training for that day now.

Final Thoughts

Learning how to attract what you want and manifest your reality isn’t a magical thing. It’s about putting your mindset in the right place to be open to all the various opportunities that come your way every day. Then, be able to use those opportunities to achieve your dreams.

It’s not something everyone is accustomed to doing so it seems mysterious and magical. Practically, it’s just allowing your positivity to flow out so more flows back to you.

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