Parenting with Style by Kelsee

Parenting & Lifestyle Warm greetings to you! I’m Kelsee Braun. I established this blog in fall 2013. At that time, I was a single mom with a 7-month-old baby boy. I was quite lonely, and often felt completely lost. I established my blog so I’d have an outlet, a place to help me put my thoughts and feelings in some semblance of order and to try and find some sense in the things I was experiencing.

Well, time goes on, and now I use the blog to share information, to comment on current events, and to generally raise a bit of a ruckus! You’ll find posts containing commentary on current events, useful household tips, explanations and information geared towards single parents and, of course, adorable pictures of my not-so-little-anymore son!

Topics of Interest

I’ve struggled with mental health issues for years, and I often write about my experiences here. I’m writing a book about some specific issues, and hope to have it published soon.

My sister was a victim of domestic abuse, and she guest-wrote several posts about her experiences.

My son was a preemie, and I went through some dark days immediately following his birth. My birth story is archived on this site.

Most Popular Blog Postings

Here are five of the most popular blog postings I’ve written:

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  4. I’m thankful for my struggles with mental health.
  5. Dating strategies for single parents.