Habits to Make You Happy

Habits to Make You Happy

Everyone can be a little happier. Even if you find that you are happy already, there are some habits that you can do that can improve your life even more. The habits that you do make a difference. If you have ever tried to break something that was a bad habit, you would find that this is hard because the habit is part of who you are.

Even good habits are part of who you are and so if you add good habits to your routine, you will see that you can find a happier part of who you are. Some habits listed might cause you stress and if they do, don’t do them. Just do the ones that bring you joy:

Smile More

Smile at people because smiling makes you feel good. Research found that smiling makes people happy. You don’t have to fake this but when you are feeling down, try smiling and see how this makes you feel.


Take a few minutes each day to get a small workout in. This can be walking around the block or even just taking a yoga class. Find something fun that you can do such as dancing or bowling. All of this physical activity will increase your mood.


Make sure that you get at least 7 hours of sleep each night. If you want to take a nap, this means that you are probably not getting enough rest.

Write down how much you are sleeping, go to bed at the same time each night, keep your room quiet, cool, and dark and have some good bedding. This can help you sleep better.

Eat Right

Eat the right foods so that you can feel better. Try to stay away from carbohydrates that will make you feel good but will cause you to crash and stick with more lean meats, legumes and dairy that are rich in dopamine to boost your energy.

Foods with Omega-3 fatty acids such as in fish are great to get rid of inflammation and to help with brain health. Processed and deep-fried foods should be limited.

Eating healthy will increase your mood.

Be Thankful

Try to be thankful for the things that you have because this can make you feel happier. Be happy about the little things.

Compliment Others

Paying other people complements will help you to feel a boost in your mood. This will also boost their mood, too.

Deep Breathe

Take time to take a deep breath. Here are some exercises you can do to boost your mood:

  • Close your eyes and imagine a place you love.
  • Breath deep in and through your nose.
  • Breathe out of your mouth slowly.
  • Repeat this until you feel calm and happy.

Know When You Aren’t Happy

You should be positive but when you are feeling down and unhappy, admit it. What is causing you to feel this way? Do things that can boost your mood such as go for a walk or talk to someone.


Journal your feelings and your thoughts so that they are organized. This can help you to figure out what is going on in your life.

Pay Attention to Stress

Life is full of stress and when stress comes, pay attention to it. Remind yourself that everyone gets stressed. This can help you to feel stronger and help you to let the stress go.

Stop Comparing Yourself

Don’t compare yourself to other people but be who you are. You might have more experience than someone, but someone will have more experience than you. Stop comparing yourself and just live as who you are.


Get rid of things in your life and in your home that are sitting around, and you don’t need. Give it away or sell it.

See People

Go out with your friends and your family that you love. These people make you feel good, and they need to have companionship too.

Make a Plan

Plan out your week so that you know what you are going to do. Make sure you have time where you can rest and relax in your schedule. Schedule everything that you need to do so that you don’t get stressed.

Get Off the Phone

Take a break off of your phone for a little while. This can improve your mood and your mental health. Turn off all of your electronics for at least an hour a day and see how this feels.

Go Outside

Go out in nature and go for a walk. Doing this for at least 30 minutes a day can make you feel happy. Go into the garden, the park or just exercise outside your door.


Meditation can help you to focus and to feel less stress. This doesn’t have to be long, just try it for a few minutes each day.

Get Help

Talk to a therapist if you are dealing with things that you can’t get over. A mental health professional can help you to deal with stress and aggravation.


Make sure that you are doing self-care such as showering, eating right, and taking care of yourself.


Find something that you can give to such as volunteering your time or helping others. Help at a food bank or an animal shelter.

Take Yourself on a Date

You don’t have to have someone with you to go on a date. Take yourself out to your favorite place to eat or to a movie that you wanted to see. Take time alone and enjoy it.

Make a List

Make a list of things that you are thinking. Make a list of happy memories that you have and things that you are looking forward to doing.


Reflect on things that have happened in your life and ask:

  • How am I doing?
  • What am I doing?
  • Am I happier than I used to be?

Don’t judge yourself and make sure that you are celebrating the little things that you do. When you feel better, good but if you don’t, talk to someone.

Make Goals

Set goals that you need to reach. If you aren’t able to reach a goal or it no longer serves you, choose something else.

Keep Your Body Healthy

Make sure that you see your doctor when you need to and that you are keeping your mental health strong. As you improve your health, you will see that you are addressing problems that can come in the future.


If someone has hurt you, forgive them. Forgive them for the things that they have done to you and let the grudge go. Holding on to unforgiveness only hurts you.

Take a Trip

Schedules are hard to keep up with, but you will benefit from your life by taking a trip. This can be something close to your home or some far away trip. It can be short or long, just do something that makes you feel happy.

On top of this, taking a vacation can help your mental health and your stress. Planning a trip can even reduce stress fast.

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