How to Know if Your Manifesting Works

Manifestation is when you change your thoughts and the world around you and you can make things that you want in your life to happen. But how do you know if your manifestation is working or not?

Here are some tips to help you find out!

  • Testing from the Universe

The universe wants to see if you’re on your toes and will test you as you are manifesting. This can be a test that you have to deal with such as an illness or something that sets you back for a time.

As hard things happen, know that the universe wants to see how you will handle things. Things that normally make you feel bad or upset you should not bother you when you go through them, and this can mean that your manifestation is working.

This happens because the universe wants to see if you really believe in what you are saying and if you are following the laws of manifestation. Do you still believe in manifesting even when hard things come?

Once you pass this test, you will see that you will get the things that you desire, and they will be even better than you imagined.

  • You Are a Positive Person

Another sign that your manifestation is working is that you are naturally positive. You see things in a positive way instead of looking at life negatively. You might feel that nothing is wrong in your life and that nothing can be totally bad.

If this is your attitude, then your manifestation is working. This means you aren’t worried about your finances, your job, or your relationship and as you let it go and not worry about it, you will see that the good things that you want are happening for you.

  • Someone Confirms Your Manifestation

You might have someone come to you and tell you that they are so excited that your manifestation is working. This can be a psychic or someone that you know has psychic powers.

  • Angel Numbers

Angel numbers are a big sign that manifestation is working. When you start seeing repeating numbers or numbers that have special meanings for you, the universe is sending you a message that you are doing good.

The number 2, for example, might mean that your manifestation is working, or it could mean that you have to face a challenge before you get there. You might not know what your numbers mean at first but as you work to pay more attention and understand them, you will get what they mean.

Listen for what your angels are trying to tell you and figure out the meaning. Notice if these numbers increase.

  • You Love What You’re Manifesting

Even if you haven’t seen it yet, you love what you’re manifesting. This is a great sign that this is working for you. Once your intentions and your feelings align, you will see that you are going to get what you want. You will overcome negativity and things will attract to your life.

  • Synchronicities

Synchronicities are things that happen that are meaningful. This can be a meaningful connection or an event. When it happens two or more times, this is synchronicities in your life. If you start seeing this, you are on the right track to manifesting.

You might see these things happening to you more than ever such as someone that you haven’t seen for a while shows up or you get something that you wanted out of nowhere. Synchronicities are a sign that you are using positive energy, and it is attracting to you.

  • You See What You Desire All Over the Place

One of the biggest signs that your manifestation is coming true is that you see what you desire all over the place. You might be desiring a new car, and the car might be everywhere even if it is a car that is unusual.

You might see people in your life that are getting what you are desiring. This might make you feel frustrated at first but know that this is a sign that you’re moving in the right direction. This can be another test that the universe is giving you, keep your eyes on the goal.

  • Feelings of Peace

People that are on the right track of manifesting will be people that have peace in their life. You might feel that life is amazing right now and that everything is just falling in the right places. This can mean that you are on the right track.

Feeling at peace can help you with your law of attraction and help you to attract more peace in your life. Having negative energies can stop your manifestation so make sure that you feel the peace.

  • You Know Just What to Do

Some people don’t ever know what to do and if you know just what you need to do to get what you want, you are on the right track. You might just have this feeling of knowing what to do and this can mean that your manifestation is working for you.

  • Feeling Positive

Instead of feeling negative or down, you notice that you have been super positive lately. This can mean that your desire is on its way. Positive energy can help you to manifest things more easily and if you start to think on things and they are always positive, good job!

The law of attraction says that whatever you put into the universe will come back to you. If you are frustrated and negative, you will attract this but if you are positive and happy, you will attract that as well.

Do whatever it takes to keep a positive mindset and make sure that you are keeping your feelings focused on what you want and what is coming to you so that you can say goodbye to stress and keep working in the right direction.

  • Bad Things are Leaving

Unwanted things can mean that you are manifesting things and that they are coming true but as these things start to disappear and good things start to happen, this is a sign that the universe wants you to see.

Once you start seeing bad things leave you, manifestation is coming faster than you know.

  • More Opportunities

Those that are manifesting right will see opportunities come to them. If you see that you are getting more and more opportunities in your life, this is a sign that your manifestation is moving closer.

This can be a variety of things such as someone calling you about a job that is opening up or someone that you wanted to date contacting you. Once these things start to happen, know that your manifestation is coming.

  • Right People and Right Times

When you first start manifesting, things might not seem to fall into place at the right time. As you keep pushing and being positive, you will start to see the right people and the right situations come to you.

This is the way that the universe can tell you that you are reaching your goals. Once you start noticing people around you that are helping you to be successful, you can know that these connections are there for a purpose.

Final Thoughts

Manifestation is not magic, but it can work like magic. Once you understand how to manifest and you understand that as you are positive then good things can happen for you, you will be more open to what the universe has to show you.

Make sure that you have an open heart and an open mind and that you let manifestation bring you to the right place. Be positive and stay positive even when things are hard. Don’t let setbacks get you down but know that the universe is on your side to get you where you need to be.

Always show yourself love and develop your life in a healthy way. As you are positive and showing self-love, you will see that the love that you are sending out to the universe will come back to you in different ways.

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