Good Role Model for Your Kids

Being a Good Role Model for Your Kids

The children that you have, and your teenagers are always looking to you as a role model. They watch everything that you do and how you act and respond to different situations. They pay attention to your feelings and they take the information that you give them. Learning to be a positive role model to your children is important.

Social Learning

Social Learning theory means that a person learns things by watching how someone else does it. Kids will intimidate the behaviors that they see and most of the time children will watch adults to see how they act in certain situations.

Maybe when you are doing chores around the house, you will see your child pretending to do the same thing that you are. They might carry their bear to the bed and tuck them in like you do them, or they might imitate the way that you talk.

You need to make sure that you are paying attention to how you are acting so that they can pick up good behaviors.

Bad Behaviors

A parent might sometimes have unhealthy behaviors in front of their kids. Here are some things that you might accidently be teaching your kids:

  • Being rude at the cash register.
  • Watching television and shows that are inappropriate.
  • Not being respectful to people in the home.
  • Arguing over issues.
  • Doing nervous habits like smoking or biting nails.
  • Being rude or talking back to people.
  • Eating unhealthy foods.
  • Not being generous or being stingy.
  • Drinking or doing drugs.
  • Not being responsible when they mess up.


When you are not modeling good behavior for your kids, you are causing them to act a certain way without realizing it. No one is going to be perfect, but you should do the best that you can in front of your kids.

If you don’t want your kids doing things like smoking or drinking or even smoking e-cigarettes, you should not do this in front of them. Be honest about what you feel about these things and let them know that lying is not acceptable.

Show your kids how to follow rules by making sure that you follow them also. Show them that you are honorable and that you do your best to be good.

Teach your kids to be honest but also to be kind in all situations. You never want them to be lying but you also do not want them to hurt the feelings of others.

Life Skills

Live your life the best that you can and do your best to model good behavior. If you make a mistake, its okay, explain it to your child and let them know that you messed up.

Take every chance you get to talk to your child and to show them how to learn lessons when they do things wrong. If you make a poor decision, let them know that you messed up and that you are sorry.

Healthy Life

Live a healthy life of eating good and exercising. Your children will see these good habits and they will limit their unhealthy behaviors.

Do not try to restrict them from things that they love or be overbearing to them, doing this can cause them to have eating disorders.


Teach your children to be compassionate and to love others. Let them see that you are respectful and let them be the same.

Even when you are out such as cashing out at the grocery store, be respectful to the cashier and show kindness.

Talk to your children about how they are feeling and teach them to be kind and not to bully.


Most kids have too much screen time and you can teach your children to limit this time by limiting your time. Do not be on the phone in front of them when you are supposed to be spending time with them.

Make sure that you stop what you are doing and give them your undivided attention.

Hard Work

Work hard in your life skills and do the best in all that you do. Do the best at your job or your work skills.


When you volunteer your time to give to others, your children see this. They will learn to be giving of their time and to show others that they care.

Let them know that giving back helps them and the world around them.

Social and Emotional Skills

Pay attention to your social skills and always be kind and greet people appropriately. Teach your children to shake hands and to be loving.

Allow your children to show their emotions and even when you are upset, tell them and act calm and talk about your feelings.


Help your children learn new skills in their life. These can help them now and in the future. Help them to learn to tie their shoes and then let them practice. Show them what to do instead of just talking about it.


You are the person that will help to mold the behaviors of your children. Learn to be a good role model and to make having good habits important. Your children will benefit from this in their life.

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