How to Make Friends the Smart Way

How to Make Friends the Smart Way

When you are looking for new people in your life or you want to make new friends, there are some ways that you can make new friends and have good relationships:

Stay in Touch

People that have the same kinds of interests and people that want to open up and meet new people can do this by reaching out to them.

Meet Together

Find places to meet up with your friends and while you are there, make new friends. Join clubs or take a class.


If you have your own pet, you can take them out to the dog park where you can meet new people. If you don’t have your own dog, see if you have a neighbor or a friend that can let you borrow their dog to go to the pet park.

New Places

Find somewhere to visit that you have never been before. Visit a city close by and see if you find someone or something to do that is interesting.


Meet new people at your office or meet people that you know in your work place that you want to hang out with. Do something fun with them.

Adult Leagues

Join a local bowling league or a soft ball team. When you do this you can meet new people regularly and have strong bonds.

Supper Club

Go to a Supper Club where you can eat new good food and make new friends.


Go to a party or somewhere and take pictures for people. Ask them if you can tag them on Facebook and then meet them and make new bonds.

Cultural Events

Find a place to go and see cultural events such as an exhibit or a play.

Be Open

Talk to new people and let them see what you are all about and who you are. Go places where you can meet new people and make good friendships.


A great way that you can meet new people is by volunteering your time. This can help you to make new friends and help you feel good for what you are doing for your community.

When you want to make new friends and meet new people, you can do this by going out and doing new things. This can help you to be happy and not to be bored and can help you to make new bonds with people close to you.

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