Restore Energy in Challenging Times

5 Ways to Restore Energy in Challenging Times

Times are so challenging and busy that it seems to zap us of all our strength. People wait for a break in the storm only to find out the storm is lasting longer than anticipated. Such times leave people chronically exhausted to the point that they don’t think they can take one more step or take on one more responsibility.

You don’t have to keep running on this self-destructive cycle. There are ways you can slow the pace, restore your energy and find moments of quiet and happiness even during challenging times.

Below are five ways you can restore your energy during difficult circumstances:

Be Good to Yourself

This involves cutting yourself some slack for your flaws, for your lack of production, and for feeling tired. Learn to forgive and be compassionate with yourself.  This redirects energy to the problem and helps restore the energy you need to resolve it.

A mind trick to use to achieve this is to remember when you were a little child, like five-years-old. How would you treat the younger version of yourself? What would you do to cheer that child up if they were in this situation? Seeing yourself as the child you were will draw out empathy and compassion. You will realize how harsh you can be on your adult self and can change your behavior.

Change Your Location

Changing where you are physical can do a lot to improve your mental state and refresh your energy. This is especially true for those who work remotely from home. Taking a break by going to a park or even a walk around the block will benefit greatly. Sometimes, it serves people well to change the location of their workspace. Instead of working from the couch or office at home, take your laptop to the local library and work from there. It’s quiet and the library has internet, tables, and chairs. The change could be just what you need to perk up and feel more productive without distractions.

Change Your Routine

Routines are awesome because they provide a sense of security and control. However, every routine needs a shake-up every once in a while to maintain flowing energy and keep you on your toes. Try taking an afternoon off to go to a dog park or go get ice cream. Put a workout into your schedule. Exercise is a great way to rejuvenate yourself. Don’t be afraid to implement a sudden change of plans. It will unstick your brain if you are working on a problem.

Eat Well

The food we eat can affect our mood. Unfortunately, we tend to venture toward junk food when we are tired and stressed. That may be a good temporary fix but it isn’t a long-term solution. Junk food will, over time, make you feel more tired and sluggish.

Opt for some healthy food choices during the day and reduce caffeine. Taking the time to care for your body and healthier food will boost your natural energy.

Take Time for Yourself

A woman with five children desperately needed a break so she locked herself in the bathroom for 10 minutes. As her children called for her outside the door, she yelled that she was “reclaiming her time.”

There are moments where we need to seclude ourselves to take a breather, gather our thoughts and plan our next move. It can be meditation, prayer, Bible reading, reading our favorite novel or magazine, or taking a bath. Everyone in a busy life needs time to regroup. Be sure to take it. It will help restore your energy.

While these are simple strategies, you may find some harder to implement than others. Many people tend to put everyone else’s needs above their own. Learning to balance it out is an important part of revitalizing both your body and soul.

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