Attractive Qualities Men Crave

Attractive Qualities Men Crave

People always have questions about love and one of the biggest questions in life is what a guy wants in a girl. What makes a girl attractive to a man? Does a guy like someone just because of how they look or is there more?

Does wearing the right clothes and having the perfect haircut get the attention of a guy? Boys do like to live by their visual senses, and this is one of the first things that they will notice about you, but this is not what they will fight for later down the road.

No matter how good you look, a guy wants to know that he can be with someone that will give him a full and happy life.

What a Guy Wants

Here are some things that a guy craves from a girl that he is interested in:


Guys like girls that are positive. No one wants to be around someone that is negative all the time and if you want to win your guy over, use a positive outlook as a tool. See things in light and find the silver lining on every cloud.

Never let negativity hold you back and learn to speak positively when you are around people. Learn to joke when nothing is funny and learn to brighten up the room with your positive personality.


Guys like a girl that can hold their own when they talk to them. Guys do not want to always have to be the ones that start conversations and if you can hold your own in the conversation and have meaningful conversations at that, you can win your guy over.

Do not be afraid to express what you are feeling and do not be afraid to hold your ground on what you are feeling. Nothing is more attractive than a woman that can talk and hold meaningful conversations for hours.

A guy wants a girl that he can call and talk to about things that are meaningful. They want to be able to have deep conversations and to talk about interesting things.

Express your feelings about stuff and never be afraid to give your opinion on things. The more imaginative the conversation, the more you can win your guy over.


Nothing is as boring as someone that is not interested in anything and nothing is more exciting than someone that is passionate about life. Guys like a girl that is passionate about things.

They do not want to be spending all of their free time with a girl because they want someone that can enjoy life and can let them enjoy life.

They want someone that is passionate about things in life such as their job, their hobbies, their friends, and family and more. They want someone that will sparkle with anticipation and someone that enjoys doing what they do.

They want to be with someone that is interesting and fun and someone that is passionate about things and can talk about them. Nothing is as good in life as being passionate and when you are passionate, you can make life exciting.


Some girls miss this because they do not want to act like they are snobby but being self-confident is not being a snob. It is a big turn off when girls have no self-confidence and guys like a girl that can be self-confident and strong.

Being self-confident means that you are accepting yourself for who you are and what you can do. It means that you respect yourself and you demand others to respect you as well.

Guys want to know that they are with a girl that leaves them feeling breathless and strong.


Women that have real beauty are different. This does not mean the perfect body and the best makeup but someone that knows how to live their life and to appreciate that they are beautiful with or without all of those things.

Using a little bit of makeup is good and can bring out the natural beauty of someone. Follow your own rules of beauty and use a little bit of makeup but do not overdo it.

Make a choice to be comfortable with yourself even if you do not have the perfect body or look perfect all the time. Stop being ashamed of who you are.

Face that we all have flaws, and this is what makes you unique. Guys want to see someone that is memorable to them and they expect to see imperfections.


Guys want to have someone that they can take home to meet their friends and family. They want you to have a strong attitude, but they want you to have manners to.

They want someone that knows how to act in all situations such as being in a restaurant. If a girl can order on her own, be polite and be kind even when things are not how she expects it, she can be very attractive.

Showing that you are not satisfied with something, such as if you get a wrong order at the restaurant, can be okay as long as you do it with class and manners. By staying calm in all situations, you are showing your man that you can deal with your feelings and that you can be patient and understanding.

No one wants to date someone that flies off the handle and does not have patience or acts stupid when things go wrong.

Take Care

Guys want a girl that knows how to take care of herself. They do not want her to be perfect, they just want her to take time to care for her appearance and to fight through things. They want a girl that is strong and one that can make it through obstacles without breaking down.

They want a girl that is not afraid to get dirty and will work hard to make sure she gets what she wants in her life. This can be an inspiration.

One fear that guys have is being with a girl that is needy or one that never stops nagging. If you are not independent, get that way. Learn to take care of yourself and not expect someone to always take care of you.

Learn to stand up for yourself and be strong. Be brave and determined to be the best you can be.

Expressing Yourself

Expressing yourself is the same as being passionate. Guys want someone that can express how they are feeling and one that does not follow all the trends but has her own style.

Express yourself and say what you mean. Have a strong personality and learn to be you. Know what to do and how to make your dreams come true.


Guys want to laugh and have fun. Living in the modern world means that it can be both the guys and girls’ job to make the date fun.

Guys do not want you to be a stand-up comedian, of course, but they do want to be happy and to have fun with their partner.

When a girl understands a guys jokes and they can laugh and be happy, this can go far. This will make a guy want to have more company with you and if you are able to make them laugh and have fun, they will want to be around you so that they can have happy conversations.

Girls can make a conversation fun and strong, do this with small jokes and banter.

Open Minded

Girls sometimes think that they should only do what the guy wants. The truth is guys like a girl that is open minded and wants to try new things. Find things to do that are different and take time to get to know your guy. This can be exciting and different and a huge turn on.

Guys want a girl that will not dismiss ideas that they have without giving things a chance. Know how to change your view and to broaden your horizon and do new things.

Be excited about doing fun things and have excitement in life. Life can be full of calm moments but there are also times where it can be full of fun and excitement.

Be Yourself

The biggest thing that guys want is a girl that can be herself in any situation. He wants someone that can be who they are, be unique, fun and have their own dreams.

They want someone to have fun and to be their best self. Be who you are and know that no one is perfect.

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