How to Build a Better Relationship with Your Children

How to Build a Better Relationship with Your Children

Children always want to be close to their parents no matter if the relationship is strong or not. `If you want to rebuild a relationship with your children, there are ways you can bond.

Many mothers do not look forward to Mother’s Day because they do not have a good relationship with their children. This can be due to addiction or because of other situations that ruined the relationship.

There are many reasons that a relationship between parents and children can be ruined and when these relationships are hard, there is a possibility of fixing them. Children always want to be in a relationship with their parents and this never fades. If you have ruined the relationship with your children, here are some ways that you can bond with them.

Say Sorry

If you have done something wrong or said the wrong things to your children, then you need to say that you are sorry. You need to do this even if your children seem to not accept your apology. It is not your choice to change the hurt that your children have and when you ask for forgiveness, you can do this first by being responsible for your actions.

Don’t Expect Things

No one is required to forgive you, and this includes your children. If you want to see things improve then you as the parent need to reach out but not expect things. Always be genuine and mean what you say and if your children aren’t receptive, give it time.

Love Language

You need to figure out what your child’s love language is. If it is time, then give them time. Listen to your child and see what they need.

Child’s View

Respect your child’s view. There are different ways that people see things and you need to be respectful of the way that your children feel. Know what your child is feeling, let them tell you and let them have a right to what they are feeling.

Do the Work

You have to work hard to repair the relationships that are broken. If your children are adults or even if they are still children, find a way to spend time with them and do the work to fix it.

If you want your relationship with your child to work, you will need to be positive and respond to them in a healthy way.

Giving Up

If you care about your child and your relationship, then you need to not give up. Keep working hard and hoping for something better to happen.


There are things that you can do to make your relationship with your child better.  Work hard to make the relationship work and show them that you love them.

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