Ideas Behind Dating a Person with Anxiety

Ideas Behind Dating a Person with Anxiety

Have you ever felt uncertain or waited for someone to contact you and it causes you to feel stressed? Maybe you text someone and you have butterflies in a bad way because they haven’t answered you. You might feel sick to your stomach and have fluttering that you don’t like. This can be anxiety and some people have a lot of anxiety.

When you date someone that has anxiety, it can be hard for you to understand them and to know how to fix things. It can be easy for you to take how they react to you on a personal basis and it can hurt your feelings, but you have to learn to deal with this and not get rid of the person.

If you are in this kind of relationship and you know that it is a good relationship and worth saving, you can build a stronger bond and learn to understand them more.


Take time to understand and learn about anxiety. This can be important because people have different anxieties such as:

  • General Anxiety Disorder-this is uncontrollable worry.
  • Social anxiety-being afraid of being in crowds.

There are other anxieties such as obsessive-compulsive disorder, post-traumatic stress and more. You have to figure out what your partner is feeling so that you know what to do.


Take time to listen to your partner and to deal with anxiety. What are they saying to you? What do they mean? Do not try to get answers and be a listener to your partner.

Let them talk to you and show them that you care.  Most people want to be accepted and loved.


When you and your partner are together, you need to discuss what causes them to be anxious. Learn to cope with these feelings.

Understand what helps them to feel better and understand what makes them worse.


Do not assume why they are acting the way that they are but just ask them. Talk to them and figure out what is causing them to worry and to be afraid.

Stresses come and they go and most of the time they have nothing to do with you.

Fearing Emotions

There are times where you might worry about what your partner is feeling. Maybe they are crying or screaming, and you don’t know what to do. Do not be afraid of this but learn to stay calm.

Your partner is going to learn to control their behavior over time, but you have to be patient. Make sure that you do not scream back or act ugly but just learn to relax and be calm. They are in pain and they don’t know how to express it.


Learn to control your own anxiety because your partner will feel what you are feeling. Anxiety is an energy, and it can spread. Even if you are not normally anxious, when you are feeling this, try hard to not get caught in these feelings.

It is hard to support someone that is anxious when you have the same feelings. Learn to calm down and learn to cope with your own stress and worry.

Practice caring for yourself and not to be overly anxious about things.


Remember that you are not a therapist and you are not your partner’s doctor. You can talk to them and let them talk but you cannot fix them.

Your goal is to support them and to listen and to help them to cope but you cannot show them how and you cannot fix them. They have to figure out their own anxieties and learn to be healthy in their body and mind.


Not everyone has anxiety, and some people have a lot. You have to learn to be empathetic to those that are suffering.

If your partner has anxiety, it is not your problem, but you should be there to help them to shoulder the situation. This will be challenging because being anxious is hard.

A relationship that has problems but learns to problem solve will make it even if it is a struggle.

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