Single Parent Dating

Single Parent Dating

Many people have fell in love, dated, had children and then one day will wake up and decide that you want to be right back into the dating scene again.  When this happens, divorced singles might question if they are ready, especially if they have children.

For some, dating after being in a relationship can be challenging and this is something that you have to overcome.  Being in the dating scene as a single parent is possible but it comes with a different mindset that will end up being rewarding.

Have the Right Ideas

When you begin dating again, make sure you love who you are.  Before you get into the scene, love yourself and make sure you are ready.  Go to the self-help books and get some ideas and get advice on dating with kids.  Know everything about it because having knowledge is powerful.

Tell Them

Talk to your kids and tell them that you are thinking about dating again.  Most kids would be okay with it but they will not be okay if you hide things form them.

Some kids will have a harder time handling this than others because they think you will get back with their mom or their dad, but if you communicate and tell them what is going on, they can accept it.  Your job is to tell your kids what is going on so that they are not confused or uncomfortable.  They need to trust you.

On the same note, your kids are not your boss and they should not be the one that makes the decision for you.

Meeting Them

When you like someone and you are dating, you don’t want to introduce them to your kids right away.  This can cause them to feel attached to them and if something doesn’t work out, then it might cause them to be upset.  Timing is everything and you don’t want to introduce your children to a potential partner too soon.


Everyone has boundaries and being a single parent that is dating needs to have some boundaries.  Having good boundaries will make dating less challenging.

Boundaries are there so that you can be protected and keep your children safe.  Your boundaries might include meeting only outside of the home and not on weekends or past a certain time.  This is respectful for your children.


Some things are going to be non-negotiable such as values and things that you believe in.  Once you start talking to someone, make sure they know where you stand and make sure that they know where you stand.  If you go to church, don’t stop just because your partner doesn’t go to church, consider if your relationship is important enough to get rid of your values.

This allows you to know your identity and to find people that will make a good partner for you and an addition to your family.


Take time to know what you want in life and make sure that you are careful when you introduce new people into your family.  The dating scene can be open for you, just take time and be patient.

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