Below are ways you can make your kids love you

Below are ways you can make your kids love you

Kids are the cutest beings in this world. They bring joy and laughter into our lives. This, however, doesn’t mean they don’t make us angry. At times kids just want to play alone and not with strangers or people they know. If you love kids and want kids to love you in return, below are things you can do.

  1. Whatever the activity is, relax and enjoy it with them

We as adults have a lot of things going on in our minds. Because of this, we get angry easily when kids don’t do what we want. Just stay calm, that’s what I can tell you. You automatically begin to enjoy conversations and activities with the kids when you loosen up. They will love your company more if you do that.

  1. Respect children

Respect has always been associated with adults only. Children are also humans and deserve to be respected too. This means we have to listen to what they say and value it. Let the kids be heard and valued.

  1. Act funny

Kids love fun and funny activities. Kids love being around people who make them feel nice. Learn funny activities you can do with your kids; they will love you automatically.

  1. Don’t display too much affection

At times we overkill. We do everything to please our kids. This makes the kids uninterested. They know how to judge your actions and attitude. Just show affection but do not overdo it. At times it’s good to let kids be. They will love you if you give them space.

  1. Be patient

Every child is different just like adults. They can easily dislike us if we trying interacting with them in the same manner or rush them into a conversation. Be patient and careful with each kid if you want them to love you. They will be free with you at their own time.

  1. Do not discipline kids every time

We all like kids with good manners, nevertheless, you don’t have to discipline them every time. Kids love roaming all over, they will love you if you give them their space.

  1. Compliment them all the time

Kids, just like adults, love to be praised. They will love you more if you appreciate how they look or how they are dressed. Just try and be true. They will also love you if you also praise something they like, for instance, a cartoon character.

  1. Be serious with them

Kids are likely to love things that are insignificant to you but to them, it’s their whole world. When children want to tell you something or show you something, take it seriously. That’s the only way you can win their love and attention. Pay attention to their small details.

  1. Act like a kid too

Kids love people who act like kids. You can act like one even though you are an adult. Discover your inner child and see how happy they will be.

  1. Give them gifts

This is a nice way of gaining a kid’s favor. It’s the little things that make them happy. Giving them gifts will make you likable and they will love you for it.

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