Improving Your Mental Health

Improving Your Mental Health

Do you feel that you have set too many expectations for yourself?  DO you feel that you have to improve your brain health and that you need to increase the positive thoughts in your brain?  You brain will often interpret things that happen in your life as a negative or a positive.  Your brain will sometimes take what you are feeling and will turn it into defeat or loss.

When you are feeling stressed or upset, your brain will cause you to want to preserve itself and will shut down.  Your brain will try to make every event a reality even if it is irrational or wrong.  The brain ignores the different experiences and takes the truth and turns it into something different.

Stop telling yourself that you cannot change and follow these tips to improve your mental health:


Many times, people feel defeated or sad because they are not completely accepted.  Humans want to be loved and accepted but if you are always changing your actions so that you can feel accepted, then you will start losing who you are.  You will always be changing who you are to suit someone else and this is very unhealthy.  You have to learn to focus on what you are and what your worth is.

You will never make everyone happy all the time.  You have to decide how to be happy yourself and how to accept that everyone isn’t always going to love you.


When you set yourself up to be perfect, you will bring about fear and anxiety.  You will also be less likely to get things finished on time and you will set expectations that are impossible to meet.  People that are successful sometimes fail because they want to be perfect and do not give room for their limitations.

You have to be careful not to make something that you fail at cause you to be a failure.  You cannot be perfect all the time and things will happen and go wrong that you didn’t want to happen.  You have to allow your brain to understand things go wrong and not generalize that this is how your life is or that this is “always” the case.

Upset by Fear

It is easy to worry about things such as the news, what is happening on social media and more.  If you put your guard down, you might find that you are becoming obsessive with things.  You need to look at your fears and face them.  You need to accept that things happen and focus on what you can control and let go what you cannot.


It is best if you can cut yourself off from people that cause you anxiety and stress.  Try to put yourself around people that pull you up and don’t cause you to feel bad.  Face conflict with people had on by communicating and this can make you happier.  The better you become at controlling your thoughts, the less drama and fear you will have in the long run.

Being in Control

When you have a strong sense of control, you will feel happier, but you have to understand that you cannot always be in control.

Much of what happens to people happen by chance and we cannot always determine what is going to happen.  This doesn’t mean that you run away and hide, it just means that you figure out a better way to control what you are feeling and to make decisions that are positive when things don’t work out the way you hoped.


You must challenge your brain to work through situations.  Write down things that you are feeling and what caused these feelings.  If you are uncomfortable when things are out of your control, learn to give in a little and not let your emotions or reactions control you.  The more you can control your mental health and happiness, the better your life will become.

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