How to Be a Good Parent

How to Be a Good Parent

How do you know if you are a good parent? Parents often worry if they are good enough or if they are being good. Society always puts measurements on things and being a good parent is something that many want to work towards.

It is hard to really measure what being a good parent means. We do not always know what the best choices are that we can make. The outcome of the situation depends on what is going on in the world and in you.

The outcomes for children can be seen in different ways and here are some goals that we have for our children when they are growing up:

  • To make good friends and relationships.
  • To learn to control emotions.
  • To keep impulses in control.
  • To have strong self-views.
  • To reach their goals.

These goals can help someone to be a good parent.

Good Friends and Relationships

We all want our children to make good friends and have good relationships. If we are open to this, it means we become attached to others. We want our children to be able to handle their life and to have good people to hang out with.

Emotions and Impulses

Children have to learn to control their emotions and impulses. They have to learn to understand things such as why what they do can help or hurt them.

A child needs to be able to control their emotions in life and to be in control of their own impulses. These behaviors are what make them who they are.

Emotions and impulses are often modeled by parents and when they see parents being able to be strong in situations then they learn to be strong too and have good outcomes.


It is important that your child learns to like who they are. We know that society can take self-esteem and ruin it, but we have to realize that even adults struggle with this.

When we see the views of our life through our children then we learn to figure out what their strengths and weaknesses are and how to increase their positivity.


It is important that we know what we are good at. Our children will learn to reach their potential when they are able to reach their goals.

Children will be satisfied when they achieve things, and this teaches your children that working hard can bring success.


These goals are ways that you can feel like a good parent. By giving your children love, encouragement and what they need, you are giving your children tools in order to live in the real world and to be effective in their life.

Just know that you are doing a great job as a parent!

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