Your Past and Your Future Self

Your Past and Your Future Self

We have all been raised in a world where we see competition as an outside force. This can be in our jobs, schools, sports, our money, relationships and even in friendships. Competing is something that is normal and should be against other people.

There are so many things in the world that you can do and most of the time, you are worthy of filling them. But the truth is, you make your own tasks and create your own path.

The truth is, you are not in competition with people around you but with your ego and your self-centeredness. You need to compete with things such as your laziness, your fears, your vices and even yourself.

You will compete against yourself forever unless you learn to stop doing this and learn to look at yourself the way that others look at you.

You are only as rich as you are and there will be people around you that have less than you. You are only as loved as you are, and some people have no one to love them. You are only as good as you are, someone will not be as good as you at things.

The way that we look at ourselves and relate to others can be damaging. It can cause you to not put forth the effort in life that you need to and cause you to miss your potential. Success is good and the world needs you to be successful, but you are the one that creates this and not someone or something else.

You have to be willing to make things happen for yourself. Stop looking at people and the world as your enemies but start looking at them as people and as treasures.

You can measure how far you go by looking at how far you were. When you are doing better in your life and you are making good choices and advancing in life, you are doing the right thing. You can become more attractive when you are kind and loving and this is not something someone can measure.

The enemy that you have is yourself. You challenge yourself each day and you do not show yourself the respect and love that you should.

Stop looking at ways to compete and begin to look at yourself and what you can do better. Learn to be inspired by good things and to make choices where you can better your life and help those around you.

Do not look to the negative things in your life but find ways to achieve positivity and to reach for the stars. Nothing is holding you back and nothing is keeping you from reaching your own goals except for yourself.

Take a step back and look how far you have come. Look at what you have achieved in your life and learn to embrace this.

Find happiness through the good that you do and the things that you have worked through that were hard. Nothing is more successful than a person that has had to struggle to make things happen and to reach their own goals.

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