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Emotions Ruling Your Life

Emotions are something that is a part of every moment of our lives.  Many people are not willing to deal with them.  People do not welcome their emotions and instead, they allow themselves to feel whatever they are feeling instead of trying to get over it.  They will over think things and decide not to work on it.

Trying to get over certain emotions can cause us to become sad or depressed.  When this happens, it can cause people to bury their feelings and to stop us from being buried by our feelings.  Having our emotions suppressed can cause us to feel controlled.

We live in a time where we want to quickly be fast and this doesn’t allow us to be able to heal wounds.  It’s not what society sees important and we all have to be better and we need to keep trying.  Sometimes, we try so hard that we lose ourselves in what is going on.  When we have things end, things don’t satisfy us and its not what we wanted.

What Happens if We Suppress Emotions?

When you don’t face your emotions, you get stuck and you are not able to mentally heal.  You might feel that your pain is gone but the conscious and the unconscious mind has given your power to take care of what behavior you are doing.

Your ego helps you to surpass your emotions and they use them against you.  Each time that you choose not to heal your emotions, you will see your ego and it will hurt you and cause your future to stop loving yourself.

How Are Emotions Translated in Thoughts?

A great example of this is when a 9-year-old would play with a new toy and he would hear his parents fighting in the other room.  When he walks in the room, he sees his mom crying and he hugs her and helps her to feel better. He feels that he is responsible for her pain and he wants to save her from the pain that she feels.

If his dad tells him to stop being whiney and go play the boy is left to deal with his pain alone so he will bury the pain in his heart and next time when the same situation happens, he will stay in his room and pretend that he doesn’t hear them fighting so that he doesn’t have to feel the pain of the situation.

He doesn’t feel worthy or loved and he is insecure.  He learns to not be able to trust and his ego falls in and convinces him that when people are fighting then its his own fault.

He believes that he cannot please anyone and that being in love or trusting people is not safe. He feels that he is alone, and no one understands him.  He will feel that he is not worthy.

Denied Feelings

People that deny their feelings will sometimes choose behavior that is harmful.  It causes people to stop making changes and to get more joy and self-worth.

We have experienced moments of hurt and pain instead of dealing with these feelings.  The thing is that the situation isn’t about being worthy, it is about the problems his parent had but he didn’t know how to respond because the wounds that he had were never healed.

He took on the pain in his mind and made it where he couldn’t feel the pain.  This is how our mind works and we take our negative thoughts and let them have power over us.

Ways to Suppress Emotions


Do something physical like dance or run.  When we use our energy in our body it can release our blocks and help us to be able to connect with our emotions.  Move your body when you get upset instead of arguing or just start stomping your feet.

Feel Your Wounds

If you have a hard time keeping your emotions in check then good.  If you feel that you can’t control your emotions fully then you have to get rid of emotions that are negative.  You can’t accept the emotions, but you have to release them.  You need to look at your body and see where your energy is stuck.  Do you have muscles that are heavy, or do you feel that you need to think about what you feel?  Try to be present with yourself.


If you feel gloomy then you have to say that you feel a certain way and you need to be safe to feel this way.  You need to be able to let things go.  Check your emotions with how your brain is feeling and try to say a phrase that will rewire your brain.

Accept Your Emotions

Try to close your eyes and take a deep breath.  Look at your body and see if you have feelings that are unpleasant.  Focus on your attention and observe it.  Express how your emotions are in your inner being.  If you have images of dark colors or see cloud images, then you need to try to change what you are feeling.  Try to feel love and gratitude so that your image will dull down and disappear.

Write Things Down

This trick is old, but you need to write things down when you feel them.  If something is on your mind for more than 15 minutes, then you need to write it down.  You might see this as worthless but after a few minutes you will understand.  You can ask yourself how you feel and what the situation made you feel like.

If you have old wounds, you need to let them go.  Let yourself feel things and realize that your beliefs can help you go by.

Remember that your emotions need to be released into energy.  Make sure that things stay in your face because you need to take care of issues that are not healed, and you will start seeing results.

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